Market Review, May 29, 2015

The trading on the stock exchanges of Wall Street ended slightly declines yesterday on the background of a statement by the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, John Williams, who estimated that the central bank will raise the interest rates in the US later this year.
Also,the continued shuffling negotiations between Greece and her creditors didn’t help the mood in the US markets after the international permit International Monetary Fund (IMF) warned that it would stop the transfer of financial aid to Greece if the country won’t meet the payments on their loans.
Economics news released yesterday showed that US pending home sales showed an increase of 3.4% in April, compared to expectations of a rise of only 0.9%. This is the sharpest rise at this 9 years.
The number of initial jobless claims in the US unexpectedly climbed to a record of five week.
according to the Labor Department ,the number of claims increased last week to 282 thousand compared to 275 thousand in the previous week.
The trading on the European stock exchanges ended with a mixed trend yesterday.
Frankfurt stock exchange closed down by 0.8% as on Wednesday the German exchange went up by 1.3% due to expectations of an agreement with Greece.
Paris lost 0.9%. In contrast, the London Stock Exchange closed up 0.1%.
The WTI Oil rose yesterday by 0.3% and closed at 57.7 dollars per barrel, after three consecutive days of declines.
The Gold rose 0.2% yesterday and closed at 1,188 dollars per ounce, this is the first rise after five consecutive days of declines.
This morning the Asian stock markets trading is conducted with slight gains, thanks to news from Japan which showed that the consumer price index rose in April by 0.3% compared to April 2014 and compared with economists forecast an increase of 0.2%.

Market Review, May 28, 2015

The trading on New York ended yesterday with gains which compensated the losses of the previous trading day on Wednesday.
The index S&P 500 rose by 0.9%, at almost all of the ten major sectors of the index recorded gains, the technology and health care sectors led the trend.
The NASDAQ climbed by 1.5%, with the background of the strengthening of Apple by 1.9%.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average added 0.7% to his value.
The Crude Oil prices are falling this morning to a month lows amid fears that Iraq is about to increase her Oil exports next month’s by 26%, and this move will increase the excess supply in the markets.
Yesterday,in New York the WTA Oil futures for delivery for July dropped by 0.9% and ended the day at the level of 57.5 per barrel.
The Futures contracts for delivery of Brent Crude Oil in July fell by 2.6% to the price level of 62.1 per barrel.
The European stock markets ended yesterday with sharp gains amid to reports about a progress in the talks between Greece and the international creditors.
Athens Stock Exchange jumped by 3.6% and closed at its highest level in 10 weeks. The London Stock Exchange closed up 1.2%, Frankfurt climbed by 1.3% and Paris jumped by 2%.
This morning the Asian trade stock exchanges traded with a mixed trend.
Tokyo Stock Exchange trading with gains, while Shanghai and Hong Kong are losing height.
Japan reported that April retail sales increased by 5% compared with early forecast to an increase of 5.4%.
Trading Opportunity
On a daily chart we can see that the main trend of the pair is a downtrend.
For the last few days we saw another cycle on the way down but against this last wave there is a hidden bullish divergence at the histogram of the MACD indicator.
Also, the averages of the stochastic oscillator made a cutting up from an oversold area.

eur.usd d 28.5

Our tendency is to enter with CALL option trades.
The entry will be from around the levels of 1.0900 – 1.0930.
The expiry will be to the end of this week, May 29 at 17:10.

Market Review, May 27, 2015

The trading on the stock exchanges of Wall Street ended yesterday with price declines.
The Dow Jones and the S&P 500 fell 1.1%, the NASDAQ Composite Index was down by 1%.
The declines came at the background of a number of economic news released in the US.
The durable goods orders in April fell by 0.5%, versus expectations of a more moderate decline of 0.2%.
The Consumer Confidence Index for May rose to the level of 95.4 points, compared with an expected decline of 93 points.
The new home sales for April, rose to 517 thousand, versus expectations of a rise to 490 thousand.
An economic growth for the second consecutive quarter in 2015 was recorded in developed countries (OECD) but the recovery from the financial crisis is still weak and unstable.
The price of the Oil fell yesterday by 2.8% to a price of 58.03 dollars per barrel which is the lowest level in a week time.
The contract on the Gold fell yesterday by 1.4% to a price of 1186.90 dollars an ounce, its the lowest level since this May 11.
This morning there is a price declines in most stock exchanges of Asia.
South Korea’s domestic currency weakened at the background of estimates of an intervention by the central bank in the foreign exchange market.

Trading Opportunity

On one hour chart, we can see that the pair is on a downtrend.
Also, there is a descending diagonal line which act as a resistance line for the pair and so far he kept it below this line three times during the past week.

eur.jpy 1h 27.5

Right now, there is another attempt to retesting this resistance line and as long as he will keep the pair below it, our tendency will be to look for a bearish candle or pattern and to join in with PUT option trades for several hours after.
The next resistance area is around the levels of 134.20 – 134.10.
If the pair will break the resistance line upwards, we will act according to the break and will be looking for trades with the refractive.

Market Review, May 26, 2015


The trading week opened yesterday with a low trading volumes because there was a bank holiday in the UK, Germany and there was no activity on Wall Street due to the memorial day and also the markets in Hong Kong and Seoul were closed.
Last Friday the trading on Wall street ended with a decline trend, after the Fed chairman Janet Yellen told that she can raise the US interest rates this year if the economy will show an improvement.
The Fed chairman noted that she recognizes that the markets data are weak so far this year, but stressed that the slowdown in the first quarter will not last and she expects improvement economy.
The Fed did not raise the rates since 2006, and over the last six years the interest rates were close to 0%, a move designed to help the stock market overcome the financial crisis and led him to new heights.
The European Central Bank President, Mario Draghi said that the situation in Europe is the best in 7 years but the situation in Greece is still a worried issue.
Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is optimistic about the possibility that his country will achieve economic aid during the next 10 days and will avoid bankruptcy. Greece had already announced she has no money to pay the IMF the next debt payment on June 5 in the amount of 300 million euros.

Trading Opportunity


On a weekly chart we can see there is a down wave and on this wave we marked the Fibonacci indicator.
Two weeks ago, the pair got closer to the 50.0 resistance level of the Fibonacci but couldn’t broke it up.
Last week we had a strong bearish candle which almost perfectly cancelled the previous bullish candle.
The averages of the stochastic indicator are at an overbought area, above the 80 level but the average of the RSI didn’t went down below his 50 line.


gbp.usd w 26.5

Our tendency is to schedule Put option trades up until the end of the week, May 29 at 17:10.

The entry will be from the price levels of 1.5570 – 1.5470.

Market Review, May 22, 2015

The trading on the stock exchanges of Wall Street’s ended yesterday with a positive trend as the S&P 500 climbed to a new high against the background of mixed macroeconomic data released, which strengthened expectations that the Federal Reserve will not raise interest rates next month.
Sales of existing US homes fell in April by 3.3% to an annual pace of 5.04 million homes,compared with the previous month with 5.21 million homes, which was the highest rate of sales in nearly two years.
The number of US initial jobless claims increased last week to -274 thousand – the highest level in four weeks , compared to 264 thousand in the previous week.
The Index of the US leading economic indicators rose in April by 0.7% , this is the sharpest surge in nine months after rising 0.4% in March.
On a daily summary, the S & P 500 climbed by 0.2%,his highest level ever, the NASDAQ Composite Index added 0.4%, the Dow Jones index closed almost unchanged.

The European stock markets closed on a positive trend for the fourth day in a row. London and Frankfurt stock exchanges closed up 0.1%, Paris climbed 0.3%.
Manufacturing activity in the Euro zone in May jumped to a record high of 13 months, according to PMI PMI.
The index rose this month to 52.3 points, higher than 50 points and thus indicates growth in activity.
According to the ECB, the current account balance of the Euro zone shrank in March.

The Oil prices in New York jumped by 3% and closed above the level of 60 dollars a barrel after a weak macroeconomic data published in China and the Euro zone.
The estimated is that there may be an additional economic stimulus by China and Europe, which may contribute to an increase in demand for energy.

Today the of Bank of Japan announced that his increasing its stimulus program and that the local economy is seeing an improvement in the Japanese economy. According to a message published today by the Bank, it will continue to pump 662 billion dollars into the local economy.

Market Review, May 21, 2015

The trading on the stock exchanges of Wall Street ended with a mixed trend yesterday following publication of the protocol April meeting of the Fed which indicated that the possibility of raising interest rates in June probably fell off the table.
Tomorrow the Fed Chairman Janet Yellen is expected to address the subject of the central bank policy in the near future.
On a daily summary, the S&P 500 lost less than 0.1%, the NASDAQ rose less than 0.1% and the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell by 0.2%.
Internet company Yahoo has announced that it intends to stick to the plan to split his holdings of Chinese online commerce giant Alibaba to a separate company, after concerns that the US tax policy changes will force the company to pay taxes.
The European stock markets rose yesterday for the third consecutive day and closed at the height of three weeks, led by telecom and banking stocks.
The shares of Barclays Bank and the Swiss UBS rose by 3% after agreeing to pay fines after an investigations conducted against them regarding manipulative interest rates.
The Crude Oil increased by 1.7% to 58.98 dollars per barrel a the background of a third consecutive weekly decline in US crude inventories.
Yesterday it was reported that Japan’s GDP in the first quarter grew by 2.4% in annual terms, this was the fastest pace in a year, after growth of 1.1% in the last quarter of 2014.
The analysts expectations were to a moderate growth of 1.5% in the first quarter.
The growth led by increase of inventories and private consumption.
This morning in China it was Published that the PMI of HSBC pointed of a rise in May to 49.1 points,below the earlier expectations of a 49.3 points.
Trading Opportunity

On 4 hours chart we can see that 2 days ago, the pair broke down a diagonal support line, which was part of an uptrend.
To the last wave down, we marked the Fibonacci indicator.
In the last few hours the pair started to go up, part of an attempt to retest the area which held the pair before the break down, an area which supposed to be a resistance level now.
The Fibonacci level of 38.2 is parallels to the level that held the pair the before and now supposed to be a resistance one.


AUD.USD 4H 21.5

Our tendency is to wait for the pair to climb all the way to the level of 0.7975 which is the resistance level of the diagonal line that broke down and the Fibonacci level of 38.2.
If it happens, we will be looking to schedule an entry of a PUT option trade, from this level, up until the end of this trading week expiry time, May 22, 17:10.

Market Review, May 20, 2015

The trading on the stock exchanges of Wall Street ended with a mixed trend yesterday after a leap in the US housing starts which bolstered expectations that the Federal Reserve will begin to raise the interest rates this year.
According to published data, the US housing starts for April jumped by more than 20%, the sharpest annual pace since the end of 2007.
The analysts forecast was for moderate increase in April with an annual rate of 1.03 million in construction starts.
Wal-Mart shares fell yesterday by 4.5% after the world’s largest retailer reported of a lower profit than what the analysts estimated, due to a sharp slowdown in sales growth in the US and the with the strengthening of the Dollar which took a bite of the company profits outside the United States.
The price of Oil dropped to a month low against the background of strengthening the Dollar.
Contracts for delivery in June fell by 3.7% to a price of 57.26 dollars per barrel Mercantile Exchange in New York.
The price of the Gold also fell yesterday by 1.7% and closed the trading day at a price level of 1206.7 Dollars per ounce.
A senior of the European Central Bank (ECB) ,Benoit Coeure, strengthened the US Dollar and the Treasuries after saying that the ECB would increase his bond purchases in May and June in order to keep the average purchases of 60 billion Euros a month due to a low trading volumes expected during the summer.
He added that if necessary, the bank also will increase activity in September when trading volumes return to normal.
Yesterday the Dollar strengthened by 1.6% against the Euro at the end of the day the pair closed at a level of 1.1148.
Trading Opportunity

On 4 hours chart we can see that the area between the price levels of 1.2280 – 1.2235 is an intraday resistance area of the pair which is on a downtrend.
At the last few hours the pair is treading around this resistance area and against it there is a bearish divergence at the histogram of the MACD indicator.
Also, the averages of the RSI and stochastic indicators are at an overbought area.

usd.cad 4h 20.5

Our tendency is to enter with PUT option trade, the entry will be from around the resistance area and the expiry time will be to the end of the trading day, May 20, 21:00.

Market Review, May 19, 2015

The new trading week on Wall Street stock exchanges opened yesterday with a positive trend but the trading volumes were low..
The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose by 0.15%, the index of S&P 500 climbed by 0.35% to another record, and the NASDAQ Composite Index rose by 0.6%.
In addition,the US bond yields to 10 years increased by 0.08% to a rate of 2.23%.

At the end of a volatile day, the trading on the European stock exchanges ended with gains.
The Finance Minister of Greek,Yanis Varoufakis, said that his country close to an agreement with the Euro zone and the IMF.
The Finance Minister said that under the agreement, in about a week time, Greece will receive additional financial assistance in exchange for consent to reforms.
Greece proposes that the European will fund and restore Greece’s debt to the European Central Bank, and Greece will return the payment by obligations deployment longer.

The WTI Oil was down yesterday by 0.4%, ended at a weekly low of of 59.4 dollars per barrel.
The Brent Crude Oil fell by 0.8%, ended at the price level of 66.3 dollars per barrel.
The price of the Gold finished the trading day yesterday by a gain of 0.2% and a price level of 1227.6 dollars per ounce, this was the fifth consecutive rise.

The US Dollar was higher against the Euro yesterday by more than 1%, closing the exchange day at the level of 1.131 dollars for Euro.

Trading Opportunity


On 4 hours chart, the pair is on an up trend, supported by a rising diagonal line.

aud.usd 4h 19.5
At the last few hours, the pair came to retest the rising support line but yet to broke it down.
Against the down movement of the last few hours, there is a slope rises at the histogram of the MACD indicator.
Also, the averages of the stochastic are face up.
As long as the price level of 0.7985 holds the pair above it, our tendency is to look for CALL option trades for a short up to a medium time frames.
A good sign for an entry to a trade can be the combination of a bullish candle with the average of the RSI indicator crosses his 50 line up.


Market Review, May 18, 2015

Last Friday the trading on the stock exchanges of Wall Street ended with a mixed trend against the background of a number of economic data released in the US.
The Empire State index in April showed a slight recovery in the manufacturing field to a positive level of 3.1, this compared to a negative reading of 1.2 points in March. However, the early forecasts talked about a reading of 5.1 points in April.
The Industrial output data for April showed a fall of 0.3%, compared to expectations of a 0.1% rise.
This is the fifth consecutive decline in industrial output.
The Consumer sentiment of the Michigan University for May pointed of a fall to 88.6 points, the lowest level for seven months, compared with a forecasts for a minimal decline of 95.8 points level.
On a weekly summery, the indices ended another positive week, the Dow Jones rose by 0.4%, the S&P 500 rose last week to a record after rising by 0.3% ,the NASDAQ rose by 0.9%.

The European stock markets ended another negative week despite comments by the Governor of the European Central Bank Mario Draghi which the quantitative easing program will be implemented as long as it required and that already there are signs that it had a positive impact on the areas of private consumption, investment and the level of inflation.
The ECB buys one billion Euro under the program each month in order to stimulate the stagnating economy of the euro zone.
On a weekly summery, the European stock markets fell by 0.9%.

The price of the Gold traded unchanged on Friday and closed at a price level of 1225.30 dollars an ounce, a weekly increase of 3%.

The US Dollar finished a fifth straight week of declines.
Bloomberg reports that the index which tracks the value of the US currency versus 10 major currencies around the world is at his lowest level since January 21.
Until March, the US Dollar was up for nine months in a row against the backdrop estimates that the rate in the US is close, but with the results of a weak economy for the first quarter, the estimates now are that the rate hike will be postponed slightly.

The Asian stock markets trading ended in Friday with a mixed trend.
China foreign investment figure in April pointed to an increase of 10.5%, totaling 9.61 billion dollars.
Compared to March, there was a decline as then the foreign investment totaled 12.4 billion dollars.
Shanghai Stock Exchange lost 1.6% and erased half of the rise recorded after the interest rate cut on Sunday.
For the week, the Chinese stock market recorded an increase of 2.7%. When investors sold stocks to gain cash, ahead of a new round of initial public offerings.
Japan posted the PPI and it fell in April by 2.1%, in line with expectations in the market.
In South Korea, the local index lost 0.7% after the central bank as expected left last Friday the interest rate unchanged for the second month in a row.
South Korean bank is still examining the implications of lowering the interest rates to an historic low of 1.75% in March.


Trading Opportunity


On a weekly chart we marked the Fibonacci indicator on the technical correction which face up, a correction to the main downtrend.
During last week the pair came close to the Fibonacci 50.00 resistance level, around the area of 1.5880.

Gbp.Usd w 18.5
On a daily chart we can see that last Friday was a bearish day as the US dollar got stronger against the Pound and created a bearish engulfing pattern.
With this pattern, a bearish divergence at the MACD histogram matured and underway.
Also, the averages of the RSI and stochastic are at an overbought area.

Gbp.usd d 18.5

Our tendency is to enter with PUT option trades, the entry will be from around the levels of 1.5800 – 1.5750 and the expiry time will be to the end of the trading day.

Market Review, May 15, 2015

The trading on Wall Street stock markets closed yesterday on a positive trend for the first time this week and the S&P 500 climbed to a new record level of 2,121 points after the US dollar fell to four-month lows.
The producer price index (PPI) in the US unexpectedly fell in April from the previous month.
Last month, the index retreated 0.4% after rising 0.2% in March.
The decline was of 0.4% was against economists’ forecast of a 0.1% increase.
The number of initial jobless claims in the US fell last week to -264 thousand compared to 265 thousand in the previous week as the early forecast of economists was to an increase in the number of weekly claims 275 thousand.
This is the third consecutive week in which the number of claims is lower than 270 thousand – only the second time that this has happened since 1975.
Positive closing yesterday in Europe, the Frankfurt stock exchange soared by 1.8%; Paris added 1.4%; London rose by 0.3%.
The president of the European Central Bank (ECB), Mario Draghi, said yesterday that the extraordinary policy measures taken by the bank proving their effectiveness, and the low interest rates have not yet created a financial imbalances.
Draghi remarks came against the backdrop of claims that low interest rates and quantitative easing policy (QE) in particular, not only hurts the public’s savings but also disproportionately in favor of the the upper class and also increases inequality.
The Gold price climbed yesterday for the third day in a row and closed at the height of three months, due to the continued weakness of the dollar.
The Gold futures for June delivery closed at 1225.2 dollars per ounce, up 0.6%.
The Crude Oil closed below the level of 60 dollars a barrel, the first time in three days, due to the continued concerns about excess supply of the world Oil market.
On a daily summary of Oil closed at the price level of 59.88 dollars a barrel, a decline of 1%.