Market Review, September 30, 2015

Yesterday the Wall Street stock markets rebounded from a slump of more than a month, and the index S&P 500 closed on a positive trend for the first time in six days.
The Consumer Confidence Index in the US rose in September to a level of 103 points, compared to 101.4 points in August, while analysts forecast stood at 96.1 points.
Analysts of the bank Goldman Sachs predicts that the S&P 500 will end the year with a decline for the first time since 2011.

The trading on European stock exchanges ended yesterday with price declines for the second day in a row due to the continued concerns about slowing global economic growth.
Summing up the day, the London Stock Exchange closed down by 0.8%, Frankfurt retreated by 0.4%, Paris fell by 0.3%.

The price of Gold fell yesterday by 0.4% to a price level of 1,126 per ounce, this was the third consecutive day of decline.
The price of the Oil rose yesterday by 1.8% to a price level of 45.23 dollars per barrel.

Trading Opportunity

The price of the share went down by more than 8% in the last three trading days as the trading volumes were high.
On a daily chart we can see that the lower bollinger band expanded downwards with yesterday’s decline.

facebook d 30.9.15

Our tendency is to look for a further decline, we can look to enter with a PUT option trade at the start of the US trading day.
The entry will be between the levels of 86.67 – 86.60.
The expiry time will be September 30 at 20:00.