Market Review, October 30, 2015

The trading on Wall Street ended yesterday with declines, after the growth of the US economy slowed in the third quarter at an annualized rate of 1.5%, after growth of 3.9% in the previous quarter.
Also, the number of US initial jobless claims rose last week by 1,000 to the level of 260 Thousand.
On a daily summery, the S&P 500 fell by 0.1%, the Dow Jones lost 0.1%, the NASDAQ was down by 0.4%.
The shares of Starbucks coffee chain fell by 3% after the close of trading on Wall Street, following a disappointing forecast for the current quarter.

The price of the Gold went down yesterday by 2.5% to a price level of 1147.3 dollar per ounce price, a 3-week low.
The price of the crude Oil rose up by 0.3% to a price level of 46.06 dollars per barrel, following an increase of 6.3% on Wednesday.

The trading on the European markets ended with declines, after disappointment Financial statements published yesterday led by the banks reports.
Barclays shares fell by 6.3% and Deutsche Bank shares fell more than 7% after the bank reported of a net loss for the third quarter and announced about a cut of 9,000 jobs.
On a daily summery, London fell by 0.7%, Frankfurt has weakened by 0.3%, Paris fell by 0.1%.

Trading opportunity

On a daily chart we can see that the Silver have reached a support area, around the level of 15.50.
The price touched the lower band of the bollinger bands and as the averages of the Stochastic indicator is at an oversold area.

silver d 30.10.15

Our tendency is to enter with a CALL option trade,
The entry will be between the levels of 15.50 – 15.65.
The expiry time will be October 30 at 20:00.