Market Review, January 5, 2016

Yesterday,the trading on Wall Street exchanges were shut down by sharp declines, and it was the worst opening trading day of a new year in 15 years.

On a daily summery, the NASDAQ closed down by 2.1% after having fallen by more than 3% during the trading day.
The Dow Jones retreated by 1.6%, the index S&P 500, which retreated by 0.7% in 2015 , yesterday lost 1.5%.

The Japanese Yen, which is considered a shelter for investors in times of crisis, strengthened against the major currencies yesterday in light of falls in stock markets around the world.
The yen climbed by 1.1% against the US dollar and strengthened by 1% against the Euro.

The price of Gold, which is also considered a shelter for investors in times of crisis, soared yesterday.
The price of the Gold closed at 1075.2 dollars per ounce, up 1.4%

Volatile trading day ended with a decline in oil markets and concern over the slowdown of growth in China which will reduce demand for crude oil.
The price of the oil closed at a price level of 36.62 dollars a barrel, a decline of 1.1%.

Trading Opportunity
Yesterday the share broke down a support area, with a decline of 3.82% as the trading volume was high.
The averages of the Stochastic and the RSI indicating of a possibility of further decline.

ebay d 5.1.15

Our tendency is to look for a PUT option trade.
The entry will be at the start of the US trading day, between the levels of 26.50 – 26.20.
The expiry time will be, January 5 at 21:00.