What are Binary Options Pairs?

Pairs allow a trade to predict which of two assets (the pair) will outperform the other by expiry. Pairs allows a trader to trade one asset against another. Pair Options are based on comparison, and only the relative performance counts. For example if the binary options pair is Gold vs Silver, you need to select which asset will perform better or worse than the other by the expiry. In the Pairs trade option, the magnitude of the price movement is irrelevant and only the relative comparative performance is what counts.

Some of the available pairs to trade include:
  • Gold vs Silver
  • Vodafone vs Orange
  • BMW vs Daimler
  • BNP vs Barclays
  • DAX vs CAC

Binary Options Pairs is is a popular choice with many traders as it is another variation of regular binary options that is also very simple. Pairs can also be a good starting point for many new traders as you are not reliant on understanding market and price fluctuations as much as regular binary options

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