About Long Term Binary Options

VXmarkets’s “Long Term” feature gives you the ability to take an option until the end of each month or until the end of the year. This option allows enough time to pass so that you can really exercise your market predicting capabilities, and profit from your experience. All binary options trades are based on a predetermined period before placing the trade. The shortest trading period or expiry time is 30 seconds and goes all the way up to 1 year. In long term trading the expiry is preset and when making your trade you select from one of the preset times.

Are Long Term Options More Risky?

Long Term trading requires a different strategy in that due to the extend amount of time that passed until the trade ends, there is many unknown factors that can affect the outcome. This does no mean that there is necessarily greater risk in long term trades, what it means is the underlying theory or strategy you apply needs to consider alternative market factors that could affect the outcome.

Many traders spread their risk by using both short term and long term trades. By following market events and being aware of future announcement or events, long term binary options trading can be a highly effective way of profiting from this knowledge and reducing your risk. Making long term trades is identical to making a regular binary options or short term trade except for the longer expiry times.

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